Course curriculum

    1. Vibrant Uterine Health with Dr. Eve Agee

    2. Swaddle Yourself in Sweetness with Latham Thomas

    3. From Trauma to Triumph, Understanding and Healing the Effects of Early Sexual Abuse on the Childbearing Woman with Penny Simkin

    4. Oxytocin: The Only 'Drug' You Need for your Birth with Nekole Shapiro

    5. Finding the Courage to Birth with Roanna Rosewood

    6. The Most Empowering Experience with Piper & Chaz Lovemore

    7. How Fear Impacts the Hormones of Pregnancy and Birth with Aviva Romm, MD

    8. Individualizing the Birth Experience with Renee Perkins

    9. Singing Birth: Sing Your Baby to Earth with Elena Skoko

    10. Don’t Just Turn Your Body Over to Medicine with Lonnie Morris

    11. The Right to Give Birth at Home with Marjolein Mensink

    12. How Neural, Endocrine, and Perceptual Processes in Childbirth Increase Oxytocin and Orgasm with Barry Komisaruk, PhD

    13. Unleashing the Ecstasy in Birth with Sheila Kamara Hay

    14. Pleasures and Possibilities in Childbirth with Ricardo Jones

    15. The Power of Birth Energy after Giving Birth with Tami Lynn Kent

    16. Fathers To Be with Patrick Houser

    17. Ecstatic Embodiment; Pleasure as a Pathway to Realizing our Evolutionary Potential with Amber Hartnell

    18. Sexual Intimacy and Orgasmic Birth with Kim Anami

    19. Using Breath to Bring Awareness to Every Moment - in Labor and Beyond with Amy Glenn

    20. Ecstatic Birth Mother/Daughter with Moonweaver

    21. Exploring What Gets in the Way of the Pleasure that is Part of Birth with Elizabeth Davis

    22. Claim Your Rightful Role as the Real Expert in Your Body and Your Children with Sarah Buckley, M.D.

    23. The Big Being in the Little Body: A New Perspective on New People with Carrie Contey, PhD

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