Are you an educator?

Do you want to show our film in your classes, in your community?

Would you like to use our films as a fundraiser to help create a discussion of all that is possible in birth?

We would love to help you to transform birth and spread a message of pleasure. Please share the power and the passion of Orgasmic Birth with your community by including it in your curriculum or hosting a screening event to raise awareness and, if you wish, money for your organization.

Maternity care is in crisis. We must talk about these issues, but not stop there; it is time to move into action. Your screening of Orgasmic Birth will provide a venue for fruitful discussion and planning. We look forward to working with you to include in your class or to host a fundraising or other event for your organization.

Each Educational Use License comes with a comprehensive guide to hosting a panel discussion, including sample questions for the moderator to ask the panelists, and a Take Action guide for spreading the word about birth options far and wide. We offer both Organic Birth and Orgasmic digitally, with an option for subtitles in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Languages Offered

Available in English with subtitles in Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Japanese and dubbed in Russian.

    1. Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret | English no subtitles

    1. La película Parto Orgásmico con subtítulos en español

    1. Orgasmic Birth con sottotitoli in italiano

    1. Le film Naissance Orgasmique avec sous-titres français

    1. O flime de nascimento orgásmico (Orgasmic Birth Movie) com legendas em português

    1. Der Orgasmische Geburtsfilm mit deutschen Untertiteln

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