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  • 1

    Welcome to the Orgasmic Birth Practitioner Program!

    • Welcome from Debra

    • Schedule

    • Orgasmic Birth Practitioners: A Safe Space for All (June 14, 2021 Replay)

    • Debra's Story

  • 2

    Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret (FILM)

    • Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret

    • Orgasmic Birth Discussion

    • Start an Orgasmic Birth Journal

    • Discuss Orgasmic Birth with your Clients

  • 3

    Birth Stories

    • The Full Range of Birth Experiences

    • Prepare Your Physical and Mental Space for Birth

    • How can I Follow the Lead of my Body and Baby?

  • 4

    Preparing & Supporting an Orgasmic Birth

    • Pleasurable Birth Rights

    • Why Birthing People Should Own their Power in Birth

    • Intuition and Birth

    • 8 Ways to open to Orgasmic Birth

    • Body, Bliss and Ecstatic Birth | Sheila Kamara Hay (June 21, 2021 Webinar REPLAY)

    • Sex and Birth with Debra (July 5, 2021 Webinar REPLAY)

    • Am I Allowed? | Beverley Beech (September 21, 2021 REPLAY)

  • 5

    Hormonal Physiology of Birth

    • Your Brain, Birth, and Pleasure: Mother Nature's Superb Design

    • Labor Pain Prevention – Weighing Epidural Options

    • Closing Hormonal Gaps when Giving Birth by Cesarean

    • Navigating Induction

    • Sterility vs Sexuality: Reclaiming Birth and Understanding its Parallels with Sex

    • 'Birthgasm': A Literary Review of Orgasm as an Alternative Mode of Pain Relief in Childbirth

    • The female orgasm: pelvic contractions

  • 6

    Relationships & Sexuality

    • JOURNAL | Sexual Assessment

    • Ultimate Intimacy with Dr. Carolyn DeLucia (July 19, 2021 replay)

    • 3 Keys to a Pleasure Packed Pussy with Yanique Bell (August 23, 2021 replay)

  • 7

    Sex After Baby: The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Baby (BOOK)

    • The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Baby: Secrets to Love and Intimacy by Debra Pascali-Bonaro