Bengkung or Stagen is considered an ancient way of healing.

This product’s primary function for the postnatal mother is to make the mother feel warm and comfortable. Other than that, Bengkung can also help with the healing process after delivery.

Below are a few benefits of Bengkung:

– Bengkung can make you more aware of your body and posture, especially when you are breastfeeding your little one. This tool can also help to make your breastfeeding process more comfortable.

– Help prevent or treat Diastasis Recti, support your spine and prevent back or waist pain.

– As a pregnant woman, you can use Bengkung to help if you have a low hanging pregnant belly.

The important note is that this is not a sliming tool though Bengkung or Stagen can indeed make your body appear slimmer. Many factors can help you to recover after delivery, such as a balanced diet, regular exercise, breastfeeding, and getting enough rest. It’s essential to take care of yourself after delivery, both mentally and physically. The first 40 days after delivery can be a deciding factor of your condition in the future as a parent.

Meet your Instructor

Yesie Aprillia

Yesie Aprillia is a midwife, lecturer, and coach of gentle birth in Indonesia. She is Klinik Bidan Kita’s owner, a clinic that woman and babies oriented and continuously uses and promotes gentle birth as a labor method. As a Founder of Keluarga Gentle Birth (the community for supporting and empowering women), Yesie is a part-time and guest lecturer at several universities in Indonesia, both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.  As a midwife, Yesie also has a “balance in gentle birth class,” specifically designed to empower mothers and fathers to prepare for the birth. Yesie is also a Doula certified by DONA International and Loving Mother.